Melanie Potock Knows about Kids and Food

Joan Langford Knows about Kids and Music

What do you get when you combine a beloved childrens’ singer/songwriter with a pediatric feeding specialist?  A feast for everyone! For the parents: Professional secrets on encouraging your children to try new foods.  For the kids: Fun music that focuses on positive interactions with food.  For the family: A banquet of musical happiness that kids from 3 to 93 will find completely delicious!

Secrets to Happy Mealtimes Inside!

Tucked inside the CD case are professional secrets to helping your child eat a variety of foods. The lyrics of many songs on the CD are designed to help you find the right words to encourage your little munch bug to be an adventurous eater and to reduce mealtime stress.

Creative Child’s

2012 Children’s CD of the Year

This is darling! I was impressed by the different music genres present throughout the songs.  The classic “On Top of Spaghetti” and newbie “Jam Jam Jam” will turn the kitchen into a festive atmosphere for mealtime. There’s a kid chorus, adult voices and a band – it’s amazing how children’s music has evolved. 
Mile High Mama’s Ultimate Gift Guide

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1. Happy Eating Food
… the funny things parents do to get kids to try new foods!
2. Picnic Under the Jewelberry Tree
…a playful sing along with a calypso beat.
3. On Top of Spaghetti
a familiar favorite with a whimsical twist!
4. Blueberry Blues
oh, the woes of never having enough blueberries.
5. Dancing in the Kitchen
a Latin number highlighting the rhythms in the kitchen.
6. The Food Goes Marching
it’s not just ants that go marching one by one!
7. Harvest Time
a soothing chant that recreates the sensory experience of   growing food.
8. The Operetta: I Love Peas!
there’s drama in every bite!
9. Jam Jam Jam
let’s all jam with peanut butter and jam!
10. Gimme’ Something to Chew
rock me with your broccoli!
11. A Good Day
from sunrise to sunset…a gentle ending to a good day.


               The Peas Operetta