Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids:

How to Teach Your Child About the Joy of Food!

“Happy Mealtimes” is written by Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP, a certified speech language pathologist who has devoted much of her career to working with young children with feeding difficulties.

“Happy Mealtimes” is a unique guidebook for new and not-so-new parents. Melanie created an easy to follow feeding guidebook that provides not only the basics such as proper positioning in a high chair and learning to drink from a straw, but professional secrets on how to encourage your child to eat a variety of foods while fostering enjoyable mealtimes.

Parenting two preschoolers while attending graduate school taught Melanie one very obvious fact; parents have very little extra time to read anything more than a few pages!  Designed to be read a few pages at a time, Happy Mealtimes provides efficient delivery of helpful tips that every parent can benefit from.


Whether you are trying to prevent picky eating or solve it, this book provides the essentials on how to start!

Creative Child’s 2012

Parenting Book of the Year

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“I bought your book and have to say ‘I loved it!!!” …great highlights for parents”  S.H. – New Jersey
“Just finished reading your book cover to cover & had a good cry at the end…the topic of food is such a touching one.”     S.L. – Colorado
“I share this book with parents while I work with their child in therapy.  I say: “Read Chapter 2 on SPOONS and we will discuss it in 15 minutes:  and…we do!  Most parents end up buying their own for baby gifts, a quick home reference or for the “other spouse” to read!”  –  ASHA Attendee 2010